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Giving Back

Building Community in the Restaurant Industry


Meet Our Nonprofit Partners Who Foster Community and Uplift the Restaurant Industry


The Giving Kitchen is a nonprofit organizations doing fantastic work to improve the restaurant industry and improve the lives of those within it. Because they make such a significant impact on our industry, we've decided to do our part in making an impact by giving a percentage of our revenue to these great nonprofits. We love how the Giving Kitchen work diligently to help solve real problems in the restaurant industry. When you take a pause from running your restaurant, please take a moment to check out the great work they do.

The Importance of Building Community in the Restaurant Industry

Restaurants are not only places to turn to for delicious meals and well-crafted offerings. They are community meeting places where we celebrate, destress, and meet new people. Restaurants and bars have been integral in communities worldwide since they began, which is why the industry ever persists despite the numerous obstacles and barriers it may face.

The turmoil over the past couple of years has brought awareness to the demonstrated power restaurants have to affect change in their communities by speaking up, providing resources, and leading by example. However, the world's challenges, notably the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighted the dire need for support to uplift the engine that keeps these integral establishments running: the staff.

We are delighted to offer a portion of our sales to two incredible organizations that rise to the occasion to meet the diverse, intersecting concerns experienced throughout the restaurant industry. We are eager to share their critical missions.

Giving Kitchen

Giving Kitchen is on a mission "to provide emergency assistance to food service workers through financial support and a network of community resources." The organization's guiding principles are empathy, generosity, community, precision, trust, and gratitude. Giving Kitchen meets crisis within the restaurant industry with compassion and care through two pillars of service: financial assistance and a stability network.

Food service workers experiencing an injury, illness, housing disaster, or family member's death may be eligible for Giving Kitchen's financial assistance program. These funds typically cover an individual's rent and utilities. Individuals can apply for up to six months after they've experienced a crisis.

Giving Kitchen's Stability Network contains partners across the nation that offer social services related to mental health, substance use, physical wellbeing, employment, housing, and family needs. They have a searchable database and a "ask for help" form for food services workers to fill out when they are in need.

What is next?

The restaurant and foodservice industry is a community that proves time and time again how resilient, strong, and compassionate it is. If you're interested in supporting the work of these two incredible organizations, visit their website for additional ideas on how to get involved. And if you're a food service worker in need, please do not hesitate to reach out to them.

Your community is here to support you!

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