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Best Restaurant Reservation Management Systems

Updated: May 18, 2022

Today's guests have some clear-cut preferences when booking a table. They want a seamless experience from booking their reservation to the end of their meal. They also wish to see real-time waitlists, access restaurant reviews, and view recommendations from previous guests. They might even want access to preferred seating options.

Using an online restaurant reservation system offers customers the freedom to book a table whenever they like without spending time on the phone. Currently, restaurants have various options to choose from, including Resy, OpenTable, the Eat App, and resOS.

So, which one will you choose to provide your guests with the ultimate experience?

Top 4 Restaurant Reservation Systems

Reservation systems can take a considerable burden off your business's staff and improve efficiency throughout your day-to-day operations. We've taken the time to peruse the numerous reservation systems available so that you don't have to. Check out our top four picks below.


Resy is our top pick because it offers multiple functions while being extremely user-friendly. It combines mobile booking, table management, and point of sale in one convenient platform. Guests can cancel or confirm their reservation using text messages and update you if they're running late. The software lets you share guest data such as preferences and tailored notes across all your restaurants and multiple devices.

When a guest books a table through Resy, they can write their details and share essential information regarding birthdays, allergies, and food restrictions. The app helps you better tailor your menu to your customers' needs while also helping them discover your restaurant. Resy also integrates into Facebook, Airbnb, and Trip Advisor to provide your business with increased exposure.


Second on our list is OpenTable. With OpenTable, you can organize your restaurant's schedules and send reminders to patrons about reservation times via email or text message. Patrons can also view realtime availability when booking a table. Table categories allow you to make the most of each area of your restaurant, encouraging patrons to book for patio seating, the bar, and other spots the guest may not think of.

OpenTable also stores valuable data such as guest history and visit notes to help you and your team deliver personalized service. Plus, it integrates with its diner network comprised of 27 million guests so you can fill more seats and boost exposure.


Next up on our list is the Eat App, which many users enjoy because of its easy-to-use layouts and editing tools. The app provides all-encompassing functionality to oversee and manage table bookings, plan for occupancy limitations, and review guest analytics daily.

You can access the app on iOS, Android, and any desktop browser. You can toggle through different views such as reservation lists, floor plans, service timelines, and it also offers a grid view. Like some other reservation management tools, the app integrates across almost all social media platforms to make your restaurant easier to find.


Our final pick is resOS. With resOS, you can receive bookings by phone, SMS, or email. You will have access to all your communications within the app. Not only that, but you can also track new reservations or walk-ins and communicate with guests directly through your restaurant's resOS account.

This reservation management system allows you to prioritize which tables you want seated first and what times guests can book each table. It also provides guest feedback so you can track experiential data to improve their experience in the future.

The Bottom Line

There are endless opportunities for restaurants looking to manage their reservation procedures better. Utilizing a reservation management system can provide immense value to your restaurant by streamlining service and improving your guest's experience, so they keep returning time and again. Happy booking!

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