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Food Lockers are the Future of Restaurants

How many times have you been walking down the street, hungry and with no idea where to find food? This scenario happens more often than not for people in busy cities (or anywhere, really).

Luckily, technology has begun to solve this problem by offering contactless food delivery and pickup options, like food lockers, that allow customers to conveniently pick up their restaurant orders when they need them most. These solutions are only getting better as time goes on, so learn how they work and why we think your restaurant needs one.

What is a Food Locker?

A food locker is a device used to store food for customers to pick up quickly without directly interacting with staff working at a food establishment. Some can hold heat to keep food warm, others can keep meals chilled, and some can do both. It's essential to keep food at the right temperature not only for safety but also to satisfy customers. Everyone loves the warmth of a hot, cooked meal, right? When it's time for a customer or delivery person to pick up the food, the lockers can unlock it using a code, card, or facial recognition.

Insider stated that food lockers are like the Amazon Lockers many people see popping up in neighborhoods and stores. They also note that some food lockers are more high-tech, with UV light built into the lockers to kill bacteria.

Why Are Customers Choosing A Food Locker?

In today's fast-paced world, customers often seek streamlined service and efficiency. With COVID-19 mixing in, customers also want to keep themselves safe. Having contact-free delivery and pickup options is not only efficient but can also keep guests (and restaurant staff) safe. Most food locker setups require customers to place an order via an app or website. Then, they receive a text or notification and go to the locker, open it, grab their food, and go on their way. It's an efficient, safe, touch-free experience that allows customers to feel safe while enjoying their favorite meals at the proper temperatures.

Hatco Built-In Locker System

Hatco's built-in locker system, what they call their Flav-R 2-Go Locker System, is an optimal option for restaurants looking to step into the future of delivery and pickup. It comes in various sizes, such as countertop, floor mount, or built-in (specifically tailored to your space and need). It has several top-notch functions:

  • 10" touchscreen

  • Preset to 150 degrees, but can reach 180

  • Heat can turn off for ambient storage

  • Available with pass access or one-sided access

  • Timers to hold food for up to 45 minutes

  • Available for lease

Panasonic Smart Lockers for Food Service

Another excellent food locker solution comes from Panasonic. Simply called the "Panasonic Smart Locker," a tech-enabled food locker that allows for off-premises dining sales. Here are a few of our favorite functions:

  • Can install in restaurants or communal spaces

  • Customers receive a specific code to open their locker, minimizing the risk of mix-ups

  • Integrates with internal delivery systems, app-based delivery services, or can act as a standalone addition to your takeout service

The specific size is customized to your restaurant's available space when it comes to dimensions.


Food lockers expand the possibilities of foodservice, making them the future of the restaurant industry. They can boost sales, streamline the customer experience, and offer a unique spin on your business's current offerings. Step into the future and give food lockers a try.

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