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The Top Three Best Kiosk Ordering Systems

The number of restaurants with self-service kiosks is growing year over year, and it's not hard to see why. Kiosk ordering systems can help you better serve your customers, increase sales, reduce wait times and costs, and provide greater operational control over your kitchen and staff. Here are the top four best kiosk ordering systems on the market today

A Little History of Self-Service

The first self-service store opened in 1930, and it was a supermarket. In those days, many customers didn't have cars or time to go shopping often, so they appreciated stores that would allow them to quickly pick up just what they needed and get out of there. Flash forward to 2018, and self-service technology has taken on a whole new meaning in retail shops worldwide.

Nowadays, kiosks are more popular than ever—and for a good reason! These simple little systems can not only revolutionize how you operate your business; they can also save you a considerable amount of money, which is probably why more companies than ever are looking into kiosks for their own retail spaces. With all that said, which are the best kiosk ordering systems?

3 Best Restaurant Self-Serve Ordering Kiosks

There are many self-serve solutions available today, but at Food Service Source, we have four top-notch go-to choices. Let's take a look at each (in no particular order).


Lightspeedhq's software is a cloud-based POS system operated on iPads. It has two modes: kiosk and table. The iPad sits on a specific table in table mode where both guests and servers can utilize it throughout service. Customers can scroll through the menu, order, and pay before receiving their food in kiosk mode. It's self-installed and easy to use. The only downside is that it cannot accept cash, and it can only integrate with its own POS system.


Bitekiosk has a built-in learning program to track histories, rewards, and preferences to learn customer behavior. It also has a built-in camera to recognize repeat guests. Bitekiosk is flexible in hardware compatibility and comes as one tool among many such as handheld tablets, outdoor drive-thru kiosks, QR code ordering tools, and more.

Installation and hardware costs are custom quoted based on your establishment's needs. Bitekiosk can accept cash and integrate with numerous commonly used POS systems.


One alluring factor of using Toast Kiosks is its competitive pricing--it is far less expensive than many alternatives. A few favorite components of the Toast kiosk are its ability to send SMS alerts to customers, QR code receipts that cash customers can bring to a cashier, and highly user-friendly and easy to set up.

Toast can accept cash but only integrates with Toast POS software (which may not be bad because it is one of our favorites).


Choosing the suitable kiosk for your restaurant solely depends on your business model and business needs. If you're still having trouble deciding, reach out! Each of the brands listed above has excellent customer service. Peruse your options and ask the representatives how their software can fit your specific needs. We assure you that a superb kiosk ordering system is out there. Seek one out, install it, and watch your service streamline and revenues soar.

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